The garbage disposal is a huge convenience when it comes to maintaining a properly functioning kitchen. Cleanup time is cut down dramatically, and you create less garbage for the already overflowing landfills. However, even if you take the proper precautions regarding your garbage disposal, it still requires regular maintenance and repair. Our plumbers will gladly inspect your garbage disposal and determine exactly what needs fixing.

We will perform the following maintenance check on your garbage disposal:
  • Check hoses for cracks
  • Monitor amperage and electrical
  • Check for leaks
  • Run garbage disposal to listen for odd noises
  • Perform overall wear and tear check
  • Proper garbage disposal installation


  • Use cold water when running your disposal. This prevents grease or oil from liquefying, causing a blockage when it solidifies later on down the pipe.
  • Chop up your food items. This makes grinding them even further much easier on your garbage disposal blades.
  • Use the disposal often. This keeps the garbage disposal in good shape and stops it from getting clogged.
  • Use dish soap to clean the disposal. Do this regularly, such as right after washing dishes, in order to prevent rust.

  • Never put anything that is non-biodegradable in the disposal. Glass, metal, paper, or plastic are all materials that can ruin the blades or gunk up the machinery inside the disposal.
  • Don’t pour grease or oil down the disposal. When solidified, they create a nasty blockage that will require professional help to remove.
  • Don’t treat it like a waste receptacle. The disposal was made to chop up food waste little by little in order to prevent sewer line blockages. If you can, scrape off excess food into a food waste bin, then go about washing as usual.
  • Avoid over the counter drain cleaning chemicals. They actually deteriorate the blades and gaskets over time and can also damage your pipes themselves. Call a professional plumber for drain cleaning instead.

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