Toilets get clogged, it’s that straightforward. However, a clogged toilet or a leaky pipe in the bathroom can quickly lead to an overflowing toilet – and the troublesome water damage that goes with it. A blocked toilet should be handled immediately and appropriately in order to avoid further damages, either from standing water or from a burst pipe as a result of a clog gone unwatched for too long. Our plumbers will perform repairs quickly and responsibly so that your bathroom is usable and problem-free. We can repair and maintain your old toilet, or help you choose and install a brand new one. We have all the skills needed to suit your individual needs.

We will perform the following checks on your malfunctioning toilet:
  • Check fill valves
  • Check all metal and plastic parts
  • Check water level
  • Check float ball, chain, and rod
  • Check flapper handle and stopper
  • Check for leaks
  • Check gaskets for wear and cracks
  • Check pipes and connections
  • Repair wax ring seal
  • Tank replacement
If you notice anything odd about your toilet, then call (210) 896.4293 for our professional plumbers at GC Water Treatment. We’ll make it so you never even realized that your toilet was broken in the first place.

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