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Melanie Canales

German Cortez from GC Water Treatment does wonderful work. Personable and professional. Quality equipment, reasonable prices. What more can you ask for? I highly recommend him. Thanks German.

Melanie Canales Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Nancy Green

We used German Cortez here in Hillcrest. Knowledgeable, reliable and pleased with the softness of the water. System maintains itself with very little intervention on our part.

Nancy Green Verified Customer / Facebook.com
James Win

Quick to reply and he came out the same day to find and fix my low water pressure issue I was having. He is the man for the job. Also maintenance my water softener and my water heater. He does awesome work!!

James Win Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Liz Sams

Jerry is so honest and won't try and sell you something you don't need. He will find you the best financial way to get what is need done!!

Liz Sams Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Justin Hetherly

German Cortez of GC Water Treatment will work with you.

Justin Hetherly Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Yvonne Cortinas

German was accommodating time and great communication. He did quality work at a reasonable price thank you so much Greatly appreciated. I highly recommend GC water treatment for fast efficient plumbing needs.

Yvonne Cortinas Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Samantha Jo

Jerry Cortez is a license plumber. I spoke to him about water softeners when he was at my house fixing a broken pipe. He's honest and good at what he does. His cell is +1 (210) 896-4293. Highly recommend him!

Samantha Jo Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Helene Bejger

GC Water treatment. He is very reasonable and good! 

Helene Bejger Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Mike Cortez

GC Water Treatment German Cortez .210-896-4293.. He will give you a good price!

Mike Cortez Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Priscilla Salas

Thank you German. He came out on a holiday weekend and in the hot sun gave me a reasonable price with payment options. Honest and very respectful. If you need plumbing done, this guy is one of the best. Thank you!

Priscilla Salas Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Holly Rhine-Hart May

Highly recommend GC Water Treatment!

Holly Rhine-Hart May Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Patty Linzmier

I highly recommend German Cortez with GC Water Treatment for your water softener needs! He has gone above and beyond to help me out and these days that is hard to find.

Patty Linzmier Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Eric Cantu

Jerry "German" Cortez from GC Water Treatment took care of me. He continues to check on me since last year. He lives around the neighborhood and response quickly. I see a number of folks who also recommended him as well.

Eric Cantu Verified Customer / Facebook.com
Fentress Posey

I recommend GC Water Treament. See Jerry Cortez

Fentress Posey Verified Customer / Facebook.com

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